Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Summary: San Francisco Marathon Training Week 9

How did I manage to forget to update for last week's training... until Thursday??? Here it is...

Monday: (Rest/cross) Walk in Tennessee Valley
Tuesday: (Recovery/Speed 7mi w/6x strides) 3 miles w/ 4x strides
Wednesday: (VO2 Max 10mi w/4x 1200 m at 5k) Free 5 Miler in 37:23 w/1 mi warm up
Thursday: (Rest/cross) 4 easy on Stonegate in morning
Friday: (MLR 11mi) Rest
Saturday: (Recovery 4) 20 miles (average 2:47) finishing in 95 degree heat!
Sunday: (LR 20mi) 9 from Fleet Feet

Miles this week: 42
Miles in 2012: 751

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