Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Again, (it) Goes Unnoticed

Okay, throwback music references aside, I have been out of town on and off for work for the past week. The resulting insanity on my schedule caused me to forget to update last week, and cut into my running as well. Okay, those are excuses. I don't have any room for those. I'll say it here so I have to stick to it: I will keep up with my training, and I will update my blog!

I did a fantastic Tempo Thursday with the group two Thursdays ago. It kicked my butt, but I felt faster than ever. I am super excited to do these workouts every week, and was bummed to miss last week because I was driving to San Francisco. I got in an abbreviated tempo workout that morning, but it wasn't the same.

I did an appauling job over the weekend of getting runs in. I've been doing a good job on the long runs thus far in CIM training, but this weekend I let it go a bit. I had a fun time Friday night, slept in until pretty late on Saturday, and didn't run until around noon. I got to run the Los Gatos Creek Trail, which was pretty (no American River Parkway, but nice enough).

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Long story made short, I did a ten miler. I'd been prescribed a 17 miler, and I would have been happy with 15. I did a fast 15 the weekend before, even increasing speed over the last few miles. I'd never done that before! I'll get back to business this weekend, with the Buffalo Stampede 10 Mile Race, then a few extra at the end.

Tempo Thursday is tomorrow, and to prove my commitment and bad-assery, I will be going to Tempo Thursday, then jetting to my office for a 7:30 meeting. For the sake of the folks in my meeting, I hope I'm done in time to change. It would be even better if I can employ baby wipes first...

Here are my updated stats. I'm just doing annual, since I had two weeks in there:
Total Miles in 2012: 968

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