Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Summary: I made it to 900 miles!

I hit the 900 mile mark this week! Last year, it took until the week ending November 13 to surpass 900 miles. I am so excited to be about two and a half months ahead in terms of mileage, without major injury. It feels good to be progressing in my overall training, upping mileage, as well as hitting PRs.

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 5 with Chips (warm, strides, 5x 400 progressively faster with 400 jog, cool)
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: 7.5 at my first Tempo Thursday (15 min. warm, 4x 5 minutes around/under 7 min mile, 15 min cool)
Friday: Run 2.5 easy, yoga, climb
Saturday: 10 by myself from the Hatchery
Sunday: Off

Total This Week: 25
Total Miles in 2012: 922

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