Saturday, October 27, 2012

A New Challenge

Since I broke my leg, I've been trying not to get too bogged down by not being able to run. I know it will be a challenge to get back to where I was. Who am I kidding- I'll pretty much be starting from scratch, and that is if I'm lucky to have a full recovery with no lingering issues (i.e. ligament not healed). But I'm trying not to dwell on that.

I'm also trying not to be too sad that I can't climb for 6 weeks, and I won't be able to boulder for I'm assuming much longer than that. I made a stupid decision, and this is what I get. I'm succeeding a bit in this regard, because I know I'll be able to keep at least some of the upper body and core strength I've gained from climbing these last few months. I'll be able to go to the gym and do upper body and core work in a week or so, once I'm off the painkillers. If I'm smart about it and come up with a good routine, I don't have to lose much at all, aside from stability and balance that I'll need to regain.

One thing I wasn't counting on is how f-ing difficult it is to wear this monster brace and use crutches. I figured it would be no big deal to go to my conference in Asilomar and get around. I'm in great shape. Anyone can use crutches. Well, maybe it is the drugs, but I have been exhausted and sore since Wednesday. It seems like crutches are a full upper body workout if used correctly- forearms, back, core for stability. I'll have to wait to get to the gym until I build up a tolerance for this new constant work out!

It seems like everyone who has ever worn one of these braces likes to tell me about their injuries when they see me. What I'm realizing is that I should be asking about their recoveries. What did they have to do to get back? I'm worried about flexibility, balance, muscle, everything. It isn't just the not running or climbing that is going to set me back.

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