Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Morning LA

Here is my delayed post about my impromptu morning run in downtown LA. The hotel gym wouldn't let me in without ID, so I just left the building and went for a run. No watch, just me and the streets. I'm not usually a creative person, but for some reason, those streets inspired me that morning. I just had words flowing through my head, when normally during runs I think about all the things I have to do today, or tomorrow. It isn't much, but here it is.

Right on Flower
Downtown gives way to decrepit shops of indeterminate vocation
Light Rail carries commuters in pink and blue collars
Under the freeway, a series of blue bivouacs protect inhabitants from the morning
Large blank walls menace, rows of shiny new cars gleam
Over the freeway, red lights blaze as drivers merge
Is it the lack of food and coffee, or is the smog making me dizzy
Good morning LA

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