Sunday, October 21, 2012

Twenty Two, Phew

After last Sunday's grueling twenty miler, I was a bit gun shy about today's scheduled twenty two. Last weekend, I did a poor job eating the night before, opting instead for ample beer and a paltry helping of popcorn, plus a hasty eggs and toast dinner at 10:30 or so at night. oops.

My poor prep, plus maybe a bit of overtraining, made the twenty last Sunday really hurt. I actually tried to run on the wrong side of the trail around 18 miles. I was coaxed into eating a Gu, and made it back to Bella Bru, where I scarfed an egg bagel sammich. I was garbage all day. My brain didn't work, and my body was angry. It felt like 20-milers did back when I started training for my first marathon- really taxing and making the rest of the day pretty worthless.

To make me question myself even more, I was just exhausted all week. I was in LA, and only managed a paltry four miles (though it was a pretty fun early morning run downtown). I did another easy four on Thursday, and other than just just climbed and did yoga.

Tired all the time, feeling overtrained, this morning's task seemed daunting. To prepare, I decided to overeat, especially carbs. Chicken, apple, cheese, and toast for dinner, followed by popcorn and beer. I felt so full. I've been feeling not so slender this week (maybe the travel), so that was a little disconcerting. Maybe more yoga would help?

I went out this morning, still exhausted. I slugged through, though I'll admit that I was a bit of a whiner. I was especially whiney when we approached the Folsom Dam. Why did I agree to run up and down those hills?????

I was surprised that after the water fountain at the Hatchery (3 miles from finishing), I was actually able to puck it up a bit. I think maybe I really just wanted to be done. In any case, it was nice to not feel like the walking dead like I did last Sunday.

So, another grueling long run under the belt. I don't plan to do more than twenty two, though I may do it again. We'll see. All I know is that I'll be sleeping in tomorrow. Then doing some ill-advised yoga and climbing I'm sure. I just can't stay away.

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