Friday, November 23, 2012

Adventures of the Overly Active

Julia is staying with me for the long weekend, and we had great plans for the great weather. After Thanksgiving with her family yesterday (where we both ate waaay to much), we were going to start with a trip to Pipeworks today. Tomorrow (maybe Sunday) we'd head to Auburn Cliffs, where Julia and one of our friends would climb, and I'd be the designated photographer and snack lady. I've been itching to climb in Auburn since it opened about a month ago, but outside climbing is a little too dangerous for my current condition.

Well, as luck would have it, Julia called me from a morning errand this morning. I thought she would be telling me to meet her at the gym for some climbing before we headed to Mari's parent's house for Thanksgiving #2. Nope, not today. She was stuck in her car, unable to move, not sure what was wrong.

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I picked her up,  and we headed to the doctor in Elk Grove. One diagnosis of a pulled lat later, and our weekend plans were dashed. She's out for at least a week. In all honesty, I probably could do a better job of taking it easy and not climbing until I see the doctor next. But I did want to climb a bit at the gym (of course), and going to Auburn just to hang out sounded fantastic. Oh well.

We were such a sight at the hospital. I pulled up to the passenger unloaded, hobbled from the car, and helped Julia get out by lifting under her arms. Walking into the hospital, we both were slow and labored in our walking, but with very different gaits. We kept laughing at ourselves. It is so not funny, its funny.

People keep saying to me that the broken leg is a sign that I should take it easy. I don't buy that. Julia doesn't either. We work hard, we push ourselves, and sometimes we have setbacks. But we don't let that stop us.

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