Friday, November 2, 2012

And I'm back?

After work today, I went to Pipeworks to see what kind of workout I can get in (safely) with my leg broken. I actually feel pretty good about what I did, but man was it frustrating.

Since I can't bend my leg, I know that cardio is pretty much out of the question. I was hopeful about the rowing machine, but I think I'd have to hold my leg suspended, and that doesn't seem like a good idea just yet. Realizing this, I stuck to strength training for now.

Remembering my days of strength training from a few years back, I started with the usual curls, shoulder press, dips, and flies with 5 pound weights. Sure, I could do it with more, but not only do I not want to bulk up, I also want to be able to get around on crutches tomorrow.

I did a bit of awkward looking around for a while after the initial few sets, searching for what else I might be able to do. I settled on seated bench press, seated row, triceps pulldown with the rope, and lat pull down.

I was very excited when I saw that the stand up ab machine had pull-up attachment. I had really wanted to start working on doing real pull-ups. I was doing sort of jumping pull ups before. I got on the machine, tried to pull myself up, and my left side just hurt, so I got off. That was disappointing.

I found an assisted pull up machine a few minutes later, and tried that, but my left side still hurt. Maybe when I let that cool down for a few days I can try it again. I really really want to do pull-ups. Real bad.

I went to the mat area and did a bunch of push ups, planks, and crunches. I felt like a beached whale trying to transition between exercises. I'm sure I looked pretty pathetic.

I decided after a few sets on the mat to go get water and sit on the couch. I was frustrated that I couldn't do pull-ups, cardio, or competently switch between exercises on the mat. I'm usually good at everything in the gym, and it is super frustrating to not be able to do something well.

I went and got water, sat on the couch and checked my email for a while. It was actually pretty chill on the couch, and I think next time I'll bring a book and do reading between sets so I ca get more of a workout in.

I went back over and did one more set of everything, then crutched it over to the locker room to weigh myself. The scale wasn't exactly zeroed, but I weighed in at about 118. I was around 115 (I think) a few weeks ago on that scale, so I guess I haven't done too poorly so far. I mean, I'll go apeshit if I get above 120, but I think I can manage since I'm going to be getting to the gym. Also, not being on Vicodin will really help, since I was eating more to balance the horrible feeling it was giving me.

So, I'm back, I guess. I'm frustrated to not be able to do much, and super frustrated to watch people climb. I kept thinking that maybe I could climb. Maybe I can, when my leg stops hurting. 5.7s or something, where not using my left leg and just letting it hang wouldn't make me fall off. Falling would probably not be a good idea, since I might run my leg into something.

I have to remind myself that at least I just broke my leg. I should be back, albeit at a lower level, in four and a half weeks. A little more than a month. It won't be too much longer...

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