Wednesday, December 26, 2012

To Get Back to The Point

Sometimes I forget that this is a running blog. Sometimes I want it to be something else: a place for politics and funny things and food. That would likely complicate things, and is certainly a topic for another post.

To get back to the purpose of this running blog, I thought it about time to write a few words on how running is going now that I'm working my way back into it.

In two words: IT STINKS!

In all seriousness, I'm frustrated. I'm oddly zen about it, as I have been since the break. It isn't like the feeling of a poor performance where I know I could have done better. I just can't expect to be back immediately.

I started last week with 1 minute running/4 minutes walking, 4 times, bookended by 5 minutes of walking (30 minutes total). My PT told me to wait a day to see if anything hurt, then up it to 2 run/3 walk, until I get to 5 minutes in a row of running. Well, 1/4 went fine, as did 2/3 a few days later.

Unfortunately, the 3/2 I did yesterday went very poorly. By my third set, my left leg hurt while running. I finished out the 30 minutes, but it was mildly painful. I was advised not to progress in distance if I was in pain, and not to progress if I had pain the next day. Well, I'm two for two on that!

Today, I took it easy on the leg and rode the recumbent bike for 30 minutes (6.5 miles). My left hip is actually pretty sore, so I'm thinking a few days of non-impact activity is called for. I may start back up at 2 minutes of running and 3 of walking to play it safe, before I try 3/2 again.

So frustrating, but not as frustrating as developing a new injury.

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