Saturday, October 19, 2013

So Far, So Good

A few weeks back, I got the okay to start running again. The painstaking buildup from scratch is a topic I've covered, so I won't belabor its' annoyances again. The bottom line is that I'm up to 2.5 miles at around 8:30-9:00 minutes per mile on average, and I seem to be doing fine.

It certainly feels nice to get back to running, even if it is short distances, and even if I am huffing and puffing a bit. The nice thing is that I'm going fairly slow on purpose; I feel like I could go faster. I feel like I could go farther, too, but I'm trying to take it slow.

The really nice thing is that Neil and I get to run together again, and I'll definitely be able to do the Thanksgiving Day race!

At the top of Jupiter Peak!
I assumed after my hike up to Jupiter Peak in Park City, Utah last month that I was ready for some running. With my trusty leg strap in place, I did eight miles roundtrip, with about 7,000 feet elevation gain, and felt fantastic. I'm glad I was right!


  1. glad to see you are back to running and you will be able to run the Turkey Day Race. Hey I noticed CIM is on your upcoming races list ... will you be ready to knock out 26.2 miles by then :)

    1. Haha, yeah, I should probably take CIM off the list. I add races to the list when I register, and I registered back in March...