Saturday, December 7, 2013

Don't Stop Believin'

Thanksgiving morning, a few miles north of Detroit. The temperature read 22 degrees Fahrenheit. We bundled up and drove to Cobo Hall in downtown and prepare to run. For the hour before the race, we waited in Cobo Hall to stay warm, then headed out onto the streets around 8:15AM.

It was actively snowing, and there is a good amount of snow and ice on the ground!

My first 5k since breaking my leg, I ran in a crowd of 11,000 (22,000 for both the 5 and 10k), on snow filled icy streets. I think the temperature maxed out at 23 degrees. It was absolutely beautiful. 

Downtown Detroit has such pretty old buildings, and the crowd waiting for the Thanksgiving parade cheered for the runners while they waited. We had decided not to try for any time, which was a good call since there was black ice. 

We came in at 28:33, my third slowest 5k time. We had a blast! It was great running with Neil, seeing a new city, and hanging out with Neil and Judy before the race, making fun of people in turkey hats.

I think next year, I'll try the Drumstick Double, where you run the 10k then the 5k...