Monday, May 26, 2014

Extracurricular Activity: Carolina Tiger Rescue

After running an easy six miles and then doing yoga at Fullsteam Brewery, Neil and I joined his friend Myles for a trip out to the Carolina Tiger Rescue, a big cat sanctuary in Pittsboro (about a half hour away). Myles is very involved there, so we were able to tour the facility with him and get up close and personal with tigers, lions, ocelots, servals, bobcats, caracals, and binturongs. We even got to give the lions and tigers treats: 

It was amazing, and somewhat frightening, to see these animals close up. I was very surprised by the greetings the tigers give, which are somewhat like a purr, but much louder. I can't really describe how amazing it was to be within three feet of the big and small cats, and really interacting with them.

This lovely tiger was super playful.

This guy looked at Neil like he would be lunch. 

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