Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Adjusting to the South

Anyone who has been to the South knows that summers are dreadfully humid (I hope you could hear me saying the word dreadfully in an accent, while swooning). When I arrived and got started running, I searched and searched for summer races, only to find options scarce. Once May's heat and humidity began, I knew why.

While I'm no stranger to the heat (hello summer marathon training in Sacramento's heat), the humidity really takes the cake. My dehydration-enduced headaches have an earlier onset. I need more salt and electrolytes. I sometimes want to quit.

Instead, I'm trying to adjust.

In that vein, I was interested to see Runner's World tweet this article from last summer, on the science behind running in the heat and humidity. Anyone who has talked to me about running knows that I geek out on the science and physiology of running. I calculated out my ideal carb and protein intake during my last all-out training season. I know the proper Gu to time ratio by approximate body size. I . know why cramps happen and how to avoid them.

Apparently, on my evening run tonight from Fullsteam Brewery around Duke's East Campus, I will be putting out more effort for a slower pace and burning a higher ratio of carbs to fat than I would in cooler weather. As the article surmises, I'd rather put out more effort overall, so the difference isn't worth fretting over. But it is good to know.

A quick plug: the run tonight is put on by Bull City Running Company and Fullsteam, and is adorably called the Fullsteam Ahead! run club. It is a super fun, relaxed run, with the option to grab a nice cold beer afterward!

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