Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sixteen Miles of Snow!

Mid-run view from the American Tobacco Trail
Durham was the lucky recipient of a ton of snow courtesy of winter storm Jonas this past weekend. Rations were stockpiled, panic ensued, but the weekend long run still had to happen. And happen it did.

Amazingly, we had one of the biggest groups out together from Bean Traders at 10AM on Sunday morning. Some tried to go earlier, but were waylaid by ice and snow. We started picking our way across an icy parking lot close to 10:30, some equipped with traction devices, some trail shoes, and some brave souls with just regular old running shoes.

While some folks broke off from the pack for 5 or so miles, quite a few of us went for a 10 mile roundtrip back to the cars for a water and snack break. I overdressed, had to change my soaking wet shirt and ditch the fleece jacket, and was almost left behind.

In all honestly, I really struggled through this run. I was slipping a bit, and the slushy patches really got me low (literally, because I was sinking). I kept falling behind the group after mile 7 or so, and the last six mile out and back after our break was brutal. My hip was not keen on slush running, let me tell you.

My wonderful friends turned around to make sure I was still there, and waited for me every so often. That helped my spirits a lot. Close to the finish of the 16 miles I realized that, aside from the 2 measly miles I'd done the day before, this was THE FIRST TIME I'D RUN IN SNOW! Sure, I ran while it was snowing in Michigan two years ago, but there wasn't any accumulation. So, big pat on the back for me.

After our run, the most epic Bean Traders gathering ensued at the Big Table. Sunday, plus slow late start run equals beer! I opted out (long drive home, ice, whatnot), but it was fun seeing the group of us, equipped with water, coffee, bagels, and beer, taking off shoes and socks and talking about the beast of a run we just finished.

This is why we run.

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