Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Road to Chicago, coming soon?

I know I have another month until the Big Sur Marathon, but I am already thinking about my next race. Of course. My plan until recently had been to sign up for Richmond before the next price increase this Thursday, but plans have changed. 

Last night, I entered the lottery for the Chicago Marathon, which is October 9th. Another lottery?!? Though having a race entry submitted and done is nice, so is running in a big city, with all of the excitement of a major marathon.

That, and friends! Five of my friends on the Bull City Track Club have cashed in previous marathon times for a guaranteed entry spot. With this being the final year for guaranteed entry by time qualification, it seems a good time to put my name in the hat to tag along.

Will my next challenge be Chicago? The answer, coming to an inbox near me on April 21st!

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