Monday, September 12, 2016

Seriously Overdue Update

So, Big Sur didn't happen. Well, the marathon happened, but I didn't go out to California to run it. My posterior tibial tendonitis didn't quite heal, and I didn't really want to get a stress fracture. So, no Big Sur Marathon in April for Kendra.

Before I decided not to run Big Sur, I entered the lottery for the Chicago Marathon (to be held October 9). A bunch of my awesome Bull City track Club friends got in Guaranteed Entry for being fast ladies, and a few of us not-so-fast (or fist timer, or whatever) ladies got in using the lottery. So a gaggle of us will be converging in Chicago in just a few weeks. Which will be nice because...

I moved back to Sacramento last month! I know, everyone already knew that. But is it really official if I haven't written about it in my blog?

In addition to moving, I also got a new haircut. Thanks Trish!

Chicago will be a big Durham reunion, with Laura coming in from New York, Brad and Erica from Virginia, Rachel from Ohio. And yours truly, from California.

In the meantime, my tendonitis had been bugging me. I missed my first 18/20 mile run during the cross-country road trip, ramped back up for two weeks to get back into the swing, then did a few 16 milers. The week before my 20 miler, I had a flare up, and my 20 turned into 3 miles. I took last week off, ran 13 on Saturday, and foam rolled and ART'd my leg a ton Sunday. So, Monday, of course my leg still hurts.

At this point, if I make an 18 or 20 miler this weekend, I'll be fine for Chicago. It won't be fast or pretty, but hopefully it will be fun.